Our Warehouse

Founded in 2009, Bordeaux City Bond is a simplified joint-stock company (SAS). The majority shareholders are the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and Vinexpo.

The remaining capital is held by leading players in the wine trade, the logistics industry and the banking sector.


Jean-Claude LASSERRE was the first President of Bordeaux City Bond, and a former Interregional Director for the Customs authorities. In 2009 he played a major role in bringing the vision for Bordeaux City Bond to fruition: a facility dedicated to storing wines and related products destined for export, exempted from all taxes and duties for as long as they remain in the warehouse. In January 2014 Jean- Claude LASSERRE was appointed Honorary President.

Philippe DUMAND, President of Bordeaux City Bond since January 2014, is director of the company La Chartronnaise and an elected officer of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce for the period 2011 – 2015.

The principal activity of Bordeaux City Bond is the storage of fine wines and related products from all over the world. Bordeaux City Bond is an ideal solution for all professional buyers, merchants, French and international distributors and even private collectors, offering optimal financial and storage conditions in which your wines will continue to grow in character and value.

Bordeaux City Bond is a comprehensive storage solution for all fine wines and related products, from Bordeaux and from elsewhere in France or beyond, all under the same roof.

- Confidentiality -

Confidentiality is of the essence for our clients. This fundamental principle is clearly stated in the Bordeaux City Bond regulations.

As specified in the contract, clients retain all rights over their property. Our clients’ names will never be displayed in the warehouse, on their cases or on their pallets. Not even Bordeaux City Bond’s shareholders have access to the client files.