Bordeaux Liquid Gold provides one-stop sales and marketing services for wineries and beverage companies all around the world. We are committed to developing successful business ventures with wineries and beverage companies, and representing these partners to develop their brands throughout Asia and beyond.

By operating as an extension of the marketing department for wineries and trade partners, we continuously aim to develop unique marketing plans to match our clients' products with accordance to their customers' needs.

We also offer a wide range of wine education and consulting services to the public as well as to the wine industry.

Educational Seminars – developing & delivering educational seminars for the public and the trade industry.

En primeur refers to a system of procuring wines early while they are still in barrels. This method offers the investor the opportunity to invest in a particular vintage before it is bottled. In good vintages, en primeur can present the investor with the greatest yield since the initial release prices are usually the lowest at which the wines will ever be sold.

Buying en primeur is recommended for wines with very limited supply coupled with high demand and hence will most likely not be available when they are released. The wines most commonly offered en primeur are from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Wine consulting services for exporting wine, restaurant wine selection and wine cellar advice.

Staff Training – making programs specific to the needs of restaurants and the wine trade.

Marketing and public relations – building and executing successful marketing plans, authoring marketing and public relations documents.

Organizing food & wine pairing events

Hosting company and personal wine tasting events.

Wine tours: coordinating tailor-made premium wine tour packages based on client needs. We offer special programs such as wine tours guided by award-winning winemakers, and VIP tastings which are not available for the general public.